Transfering Film to Digital Format

Transfering all formats of analog tape to digital format

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Located in Indianapolis, Indiana
Meridian Film Corporation

The Meridian Film Corporation is dedicated to being a provider of top quality video products for local, national and worldwide consumption.

Meridian Film Cororation will supply a product that meets high standards of excellence but on a reasonable financial outlay.

Value is a result of high artistic standards married to careful planning and conservative expenditures.

All scripts and various treatments are registered with the Writers Guild of America, Inc.

Meridian Film Corporation

Services and Resources:

  • Production for internet streaming
  • Production for Television
  • Industrial Film or Video
  • DVD Authoring and Replication
  • Obsolete video and audio conversions to disk
  • HD to SD conversion
  • SD to HD conversion
  • Reel to reel audio to disk (up to 10" reels
  • Wire recordings to CD
  • HDCam
  • All video and audio tape conversions including 1" video
  • Non-linear editing
  • On Avid latest software
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Premier Pro
  • Sony DSR 2000

Sony DVW A500 Digital BetaCam

  • Sony DNW A75 BetacamSX
  • Sony PVW 2800
  • Sony EVO 9800A Hi8 8mm
  • Sony SVO 5800 SVHS and VHS
  • Sony BVU 950 UmaticSp
  • Sony DVR 20 D2
  • Sony DSW 790 Digital Betacam
  • Sony HDCAM F900 HD
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Video Projects
William Tobias,

Cinematographer on location Big Cypress Preserve



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